Aibo won the "China Interior Design 20 years Billboard" the most influential design agency awards


It is reported that China's interior design twenty years overall rating list by the National Federation of Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce China International Home Design Festival, Sina home jointly launched. The overall rating for 1996 to 2015 outstanding achievements of China's interior design agencies, designers, publicity and expert assessment produced the award winners. At the same time, it aims to build a platform for industry exchange, focus on industrial culture and industrial values, introduce the Ingenuity Award on behalf of industry technology and quality, and build a brand-based cluster ecology. The award winners not only demonstrate its design influence in the design industry, but also give the industry a recognition and recognition of its design. However, for Apex, it represents a social responsibility to promote the development of interior design in China.

At the awards ceremony, Zhang Chuanxi, executive chairman of the Federation of Furniture Decoration Industry of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, was honored as the honored guest at the ceremony, presenting the awards to representatives of China's top ten "most influential design agencies". It is understood that the award is mainly recognized throughout the interior design industry is very prominent influential design agency

Abbott design has been the focus of European and American media


Abbott project is well received by a number of well-known media outlets overseas, including Designboom, dezeen, fubiz, Designyearbook and design-me.

Originally from Italy, Designboom has been the earliest headquarters in art design since 1999. It has a high reputation in the global design industry and independently reports on a series of pioneering works on design, architecture, art and photography. Dezeen is also the world's leading architectural design website, listed by Time magazine in the list of the 100 most influential design forces in the world, bringing together the best architectural and interior design projects in the world with articles and design images With high quality. Founded in 2005, the Fubiz Creative Inspiration Design Platform is a daily fresh inspirational French-inspired website that updates the finest creative articles, creative cultures, contemporary graphic design, culture, products, music and digital art on the Internet every day And so on ...... Thanks to the continuous attention of media at home and abroad, hoping Liluider continued to show more outstanding works, leading the design trend.

Congratulations to Auber's work at the same time won the most futuristic ABBS Architecture Award


Today, we learned from ABBS Architecture Forum that our Changbai Mountain Forest Hot Spring Resort was voted by the judges and the public in "The 2nd Construction New Media Awards" co-organized by the Architectural New Media Consortium and ABBS. In the fierce competition come to the fore, won the "most futuristic Architecture Award of the Year" and "Best Architectural Rendering Award."

The core concept of the Changbaishan Forest Hot Spring Resort project is to create a low-involvement, innovative and sustainable tourism experience.

The project is located in the north gate of Changbai Mountain scenic area, surrounded by the original ecological forest vegetation. The site is surrounded by birch forests and pine forests. A river runs through the middle of the river and enjoys unique environmental resources.

The original intention of the design is to try to keep the uniqueness of the site forest and river, hoping the building and the landscape can exist in a low-key way in the venue. Therefore, with the concept of "cloud in the forest", designers extend to the plane through several sets of streamlined roofs and fall into the ground in a pure gesture, seeking the image of the cloud to echo the forests and snow in Changbai Mountain, Let the building and the surrounding environment together.

In the building structure, the ups and downs of the "cloud" by a number of slope roof composition. Through different folding changes, resulting in a changeable form, its rhythmic structure can also be reflected in the interior part.

The roof of the building leaves some of the void, forming a flowing, linear light that can be shed through the roof to the interior. Interior guests can truly feel the elegant architectural style.

In the public space arrangements, the core of the indoor functional space such as: hot spring pool, entrance lobby, dining space can be associated with this unique roof, the building facade is simple and clean with the rich indoor uniform form a different experience .

The New Media Award for Architecture is an award-winning dissemination award based on the Internet, mobile internet and print media. It focuses on the power of the media to disseminate the latest and best design projects to the public under the current situation of new media and encourage high standards The domestic design units and individuals innovation, bring better works.