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  • The business of AI Bo architecture firm covers the types of medical care, business design, office design, and real estate design.
Position Number Of Applicants Working Place Release Date
Chief Designer 2 shenzhen 2018-02-01

Minimum education: undergraduate

Salary: Treatment: basic salary + commission + performance annual salary of 20-25 million or more

Job responsibilities:

1, to participate in the design management of the company's design projects, put forward design ideas;

2, to participate in program design, preliminary design of internal review;

3, with the formulation of project design plans and design tasks;

4, cooperate with the project manager to track and supervise the project;

5, the design of materials used in project selection, confirm;

6, management company design department and guidance;

job requirements:

1, Bachelor degree or above in interior design or environmental art;

2, 5 years or above related work experience, independently presided over the large and medium-sized hospital project priority;

3, there is a strong concept of the program and hand-painted capacity;

4, a strong visual ability, proficiency in drawing software and office software: AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software;

5, with good communication, understanding and learning ability, thinking flexible, innovative ideas, innovative spirit, team spirit.